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Are you born a natural speaker?

In an upcoming global Podcast powered by Fasihi, we are paving the way for global dialogues.
Connecting with others, sharing views, experiences and inspire each other is essential for success and growth.

You have the chance to be part of this global community, including tech companies, worldwide universities and industry allies. The recording of the podcast will be in June or July 2023, the time will be coordinated individually. 

It's your choice!

The following topics are on our agenda. Please click on the one you burn for. We have international speakers from all over the world. It is your chance to talk to them directly during the podcast.  

Now deep dive into our topics and click the one you like the most!

Success can depend on many factors, but what are the key triggers for success? Explore in this topic what factors can influence success and how to harness them to achieve your goals. From attitude and motivation to environment and networking - discover what drives successful people and how to apply their strategies to your own life.

A healthy learning culture at the workplace can positively impact employee health and well being. We explore how a positive learning culture can help improve the work environment, increase employee satisfaction, and ultimately promote a healthier workforce. Tune in or apply as a speaker to find out how a good learning culture can pave the way for a healthier and happier workplace.

Are you interested in learning about the challenges of maintaining a good learning culture in the workplace? Join us on this podcast as we explore the difficulties of establishing and sustaining a positive learning culture in organizations. We'll examine the barriers that exist and how to overcome them to create a healthy learning environment. Discover how to motivate and empower your employees to continuously expand their knowledge and skills. Tune in now to find out what challenges lie ahead in maintaining a good learning culture.

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You are...

... open-minded

... from every where all over the world

... fluent in ENGLISH OR GERMAN

... working for an IT or manufacturing company, university or school

... a student 

... interested in inspiring others and be inspired

What are you waiting for?

Do you have any questions?

No problem! Just get in touch with us by phone or email at:

+49 621 520078-0

Get to know some of our global speakers

Dr. Michelle Williams

Dr. Michele Williams

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Professor
  • Trust & Leadership Expert
  • Negotiation
  • Advisor/Mentor

USA | University of Iowa

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Aliesha Pulliam

Aliesha Pulliam

  • Host
  • Actor
  • Veteran
  • Voice over
  • Guest Speaker
  • Worked with Microsoft & Amazon

USA | Seattle Talent

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Doan Winkel

Ph.D. Doan Winkel

  • Founder
  • Startup
  • Entrepreneurship Educator
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring


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Awa k. Ndukwe

Awa k. Ndukwe

  • Brand Strategist
  • Go to Person
  • Brand Expert
  • Positioning you as an Expert

Nigeria | University of Lagos

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